Project Trust

This post aims to answer the basic questions most people have.

Who Are Project Trust?

Project Trust – PT from here onwards – are an exellent charity based in Scotland, UK. They help to send school-leavers overseas for 12- and 8-month volunteering jobs, mostly in teaching and social care. They’ve been going over 40 years and have sent more than 6,000 students to a wide variety of countries. The work they do provides education, care and support in areas that need it most.

What Are You Doing With PT?

I’ll be travelling in August 2012 out to Guyana, South America to spend a full year teaching maths or science to secondary school pupils, only a few years younger than myself. It’s going to be a hell of a challenge, but I’m already excited about it.

UPDATE: Click to read about my project in Sand Creek, Guyana

How Can I Help?

Actually, not many people ask this…

In order to actually go to Guyana with PT and volunteer out there, I need to raise £5,100 to pay for training, insurance, flights, support, etc. People can help by attending fundraising events I’ll be organising, making a donation or just lending a hand any way they can.

That’s it for now – keep an eye on the blog for news about selection, fundraising events, etc!