So, it’s the 19th of August 2013 and I’ve been back in the UK for about a week now. The gap year is officially over, and this will most likely be one of my last posts (I’ll probably write at least one more about debriefing next week). Updates to this blog will stop but I’ll … Continue reading »

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Every day, these guys help the public to cross busy roads during the rush hour in La Paz, Bolivia:

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New Header Images

You might notice that the boring stock photo at the top of the page has now gone, to be replaced by a photo from my gap year! There are about a dozen different photos randomly rotating in the space ↑up there↑ – refresh the page to see another one. I will be adding more photos … Continue reading »

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How to Annoy Border Police

Harry and I are currently spending a few days in Copacabana (full blog post coming soon here) and today we decided to take advantage of our proximity to the border and head over to Peru for an afternoon. Our motivations were simple: more passport stamps, and another county to name-drop!

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So Much Fail

Today I am in Copacabana, Bolivia. Harry and I decided to go looking for our fellow volunteers Hayley and Tara, who are also in Copacabana. Several hours later we realised an important fact. They are in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. -headdesk-

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Bolivian Food Prices

The price of food in Bolivia astounds me. Here are a few examples, with prices converted to GBP, of what I’ve eaten lately: Fried chicken, chips, plantain and a Sprite (similar to a KFC deal) – £2.40 Steak burger with the trimmings – 90p Regular burger with the trimmings – 60p Jelly pudding with whipped … Continue reading »

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Do We Feel Safer Now?

Something that cannot go unnoticed when travelling through Brazil is the police presence. Firstly there are a lot of them, and secondly they are all armed. All of them. I noticed it when I was in Brazil over Easter, and I’m noticing it again now. I’ve discussed it with several volunteers whilst here, and I’ve … Continue reading »

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A Visit to Aishalton

The weekend just passed was a bit of a mini adventure for Harry and I. Monday of this week (the 6th) was a national holiday, so we decided to use our 3-day weekend to visit Aishalton, the southernmost project in Guyana. It was one of the top things on our to-do list for the term, … Continue reading »

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Rainy Season in Guyana

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a long time. This is partly because the start of term has been pretty busy, but mainly it’s because it is now the rainy season in Guyana. It started roughly when I got back to Sand Creek (3 weeks ago) and will still be going when … Continue reading »

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Where in the World…

I may have posted this before, but for those who are interested, you can see where I’ve been in the world by going to my Wolpy page here: There’s a funky map with awesome little red dots on it! I hope to add lots more at the end of the year 😀

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