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Class Outing

This week is MASH week, which is short for Mashramani, which this year is all about “embracing culture, reflecting diversity”. Essentially it means a week of activities and events instead of actual school work. Today (Tuesday) was a class outing day. Whilst my PT partner Harry was dragging his 8B class up a mountain, Miss … Continue reading »

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TG#10 – Build a Sand Castle

Today was spent at the river with my class (read the blog post here), and I found time in the midst of my busy schedule of relaxing in a hammock and swimming in the river to construct (with help) a large sand-castle-based smiley face:

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TG #16 – Wash in a River

As we’ve had no running water for the last 2-and-a-bit weeks, washing in the creek is actually my only real option. Still, was a good chance for some embarrassing photos:

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