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A Journey: Georgetown to Sand Creek

Today I am leaving Georgetown and heading back to my project in Sand Creek. The journey is quite a long one (423 miles) and a few people back home have asked me what transportation is like here, so I’m going to blog along the route, so you can see for yourself what it’s like.

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TG#28 – Join in With Something Musical

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Christmas in Tobago (Photos)

For Christmas 2012 all 22 volunteers holidayed together on the Caribbean island of Tobago. The week turned out to be pretty fantastic.

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Guyana Nightlife

All 20 of the volunteers in Georgetown at the moment went out tonight to find some nightlife in Guyana. Sheriff’s Bar down the road were happy to welcome us!

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It’s Christmas!!!

Christmas time here in Guyana, and I’ve got to say that the combo of trees, tinsel and temperatures the sunny side of 30° is truly bizarre! I’ve just written and sent a huge email to the subscribers of my mailing list, so instead of typing it all up again, I’m just going to copy/paste the … Continue reading »

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The 12 Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas I found this in Sand Creek… Twelve ginnip for eating, Eleven beautiful sunsets, Ten palm trees, Nine kaboura biting, Eight marabunta, Seven skits rehearsing, Six busy teachers, Five mosquitoes, Four months no water, Three brand new buildings, Two volunteers, And a mango in a mango tree! (For the uninitiated: … Continue reading »

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Christmas Party!

Today was the students’ Christmas party, which meant time for lots of food, lot of music and plenty of dancing! See below for a load of photos…

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