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So, it’s the 19th of August 2013 and I’ve been back in the UK for about a week now. The gap year is officially over, and this will most likely be one of my last posts (I’ll probably write at least one more about debriefing next week). Updates to this blog will stop but I’ll … Continue reading »

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TG#33 – Sleep in a Tree AND TG#38 – Walk to a Project

So, a double-whammy on Traveller’s Guide items this weekend, which itself has been pretty eventful. (Sorry, but there are no photos to go with this post – as you’ll see below I had to travel light, and that meant leaving my camera behind.)

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Well, well, well…

Guyana is also known as “the land of many of waters”… personally, I’m not convinced. The project to drill a well, install pumps and bring running water to the school compound (read this post) has now been scrapped completely after numerous delays. The well that was being worked on intermittently has been abandoned altogether, in … Continue reading »

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A Journey: Georgetown to Sand Creek

Today I am leaving Georgetown and heading back to my project in Sand Creek. The journey is quite a long one (423 miles) and a few people back home have asked me what transportation is like here, so I’m going to blog along the route, so you can see for yourself what it’s like.

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What Chain of Decisions…

Every now and then I get hit by the reality of the fact I’m thousands of miles from home, on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I wonder “what chain of decisions lead me to be where I am right now?”.

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Photos of Sand Creek Secondary School

Left to right: the student dorms, the school, and the teacher’s quarters*. * Harry and I share the third apartment along from the left.

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Inter-School Sports

I am happy to announce Sand Creek have WON the South Central Inter-School Sports Contest! First place, for the second year running – very pleased!

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We’ve Made it to Sand Creek… Finally!

Harry and I have made it to Sand Creek eventually! We flew from Georgetown to Lethem on Friday but didn’t manage the second half of the journey – Lethem to Sand Creek – until Tuesday. Our delay was spent in the Region 9 Guest House doing not much other than exploring Lethem, relaxing in hammocks … Continue reading »

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