We’ve Made it to Sand Creek… Finally!

Posted by on September 4, 2012

Harry and I have made it to Sand Creek eventually! We flew from Georgetown to Lethem on Friday but didn’t manage the second half of the journey – Lethem to Sand Creek – until Tuesday. Our delay was spent in the Region 9 Guest House doing not much other than exploring Lethem, relaxing in hammocks and playing cards. After 2 and a half hours in a 4×4, 40 minutes by boat and 5 on a rather uncomfortable motorbike…. we’re here!

(Of course, Sand Creek has no Internet access, so I’m writing this now with no idea when it will find it’s way onto the blog.)

The school is fantastic, as are the pupils. All the buildings are brand new as this is the first year the school has opened. Being so new there are only 4 teachers (Samantha, Abigail, Harry and myself) and a head master (Kit, who should be arriving in a few weeks). Harry is teaching Science, I teach Maths and we share PE between us.

Our living space in the teachers’ quarters is brilliant… we have an apartment each, with hall, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom each. We have running water (and a shower!!), but as of yet no electricity or furniture – not even a bed! Still… have hammock, will sleep. My walls are already decorated with 140+ photos of family, loved ones and the collection of strange ladies and gentlemen I call my friends – I may be 4,500 miles away, but you’re all still here with me 🙂 We have no cooking facilities yet either, so the school kitchens feed us all three meals a day… fine by me!

Photos of the school and my apartment:

Note: Harry ended up moving into this apartment a few days later, and we’ll be sharing for the rest of the year.

Cooper/Titman: sorry, no mud hut.

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