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TG#32 – Teach a Lesson with a Pineapple

This was originally suggested by my PT Desk Officer, Chris, and I’m pleased to say that it was accomplished this morning! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a pineapple in time for my lessons on symmetry a few weeks ago, so instead the pineapple was the star of the show for today’s lesson on profit … Continue reading »

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Class Outing

This week is MASH week, which is short for Mashramani, which this year is all about “embracing culture, reflecting diversity”. Essentially it means a week of activities and events instead of actual school work. Today (Tuesday) was a class outing day. Whilst my PT partner Harry was dragging his 8B class up a mountain, Miss … Continue reading »

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Circle Time

Q: How do you teach a class about circle formulae? A: You chalk a giant circle on the floor and get them to measure it!

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Secondary Projects

Project Trust advise volunteers to start secondary projects in their schools and/or communities.

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“Plenty Mangoes”

Two students just walked into the staff room, reached into their bags and produced about a dozen mangoes each for Harry and I. This happens several times a week, and I will never get tired of it.

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Photos of Sand Creek Secondary School

Left to right: the student dorms, the school, and the teacher’s quarters*. * Harry and I share the third apartment along from the left.

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Inter-School Sports

I am happy to announce Sand Creek have WON the South Central Inter-School Sports Contest! First place, for the second year running – very pleased!

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Fundraiser Today

Today is a PTFA fundraising day for the primary and secondary schools… which means music, sports and lots of food (and no school)! As I write it’s about half past 1 and I’ve already had breakfast, lunch, a big chunk of roast chicken, a plate of chow mein and pork, a couple of donuts, a … Continue reading »

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May Have Saved A Man’s Life…

This morning I spotted a snake beneath our head master’s desk. After catching it with a bucket and a broom, we confirmed that it’s known here as a “double headed snake” (because its tail looks just like its head) and its bite can be fatal… good job I spotted it really! PICTURES

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3 Weeks into Teaching

I’m writing this sat in the shade of a coconut tree, watching the sun drop behind the mountain range that surrounds most of Sand Creek. No, really. Jelly much?

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