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TG#22 – Eat Something Bizarre/Unpleasant

So far this year I have eaten: Curried water turtle – very nice Roasted chicken foot (that’s foot, not leg) – not very nice Fried chicken neck – even worse Buruup (iced and pulped fruit, mixed with farine) – quite nice Chocoate pizza – delicious, and very bizarre

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Bolivian Food Prices

The price of food in Bolivia astounds me. Here are a few examples, with prices converted to GBP, of what I’ve eaten lately: Fried chicken, chips, plantain and a Sprite (similar to a KFC deal) – £2.40 Steak burger with the trimmings – 90p Regular burger with the trimmings – 60p Jelly pudding with whipped … Continue reading »

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Adventure Update #2: I’m On a Boat!

For our adventure, the road from Manaus to Porto Velho is actually a 5-day boat journey. I will add to this post throughout the voyage, and publish it next time I am online.

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Farewell (+ My Leaving Speech)

Today was quite an interesting day. I don’t leave Sand Creek until early Saturday morning, but for various reasons our farewell event was held today (Wednesday).

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TG#6 – Fish and Chips!

Potatoes aren’t hugely popular or widely available in Guyana, which is why it’s taken me over 9 months to accomplish this task. However, on a recent trip to Lethem we were able to buy some brilliantly fresh barely edible potatoes, so finally I can cross this off the list. Earlier tonight we sliced, parboiled and … Continue reading »

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TG#8 – Make a Fishing Spear/Rod

The photos below show what I made this evening; people here call it a “water gun”. It’s a sharpened spike of metal with rubber tubing on one end – and that’s all there is to it! The second photo shows how it’s fired, the third and fourth photos show my “testing”, and the fifth photo … Continue reading »

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TG#29 – Learn How to Make a Local Dish

As most readers should know, Harry and I have been cooking for most of the Easter term (which is now 2 weeks from completion!), and as such we have been learning a lot about cooking local dishes (and about the quickest/easiest/laziest dishes possible!).

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TG#11 – Build a Campfire and Cook Something With it

I actually forgot that I managed to complete this one of after I’d been here only a few weeks…

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We’re Finally Cooking!

As of Thursday last week, Harry and I have finally started coooking for ourselves! The delay has been down to the troubles in getting the local Department of Education to actually deliver the cooking gas bottle they keep promising, but it arrived last week, and we’ve been cooking all of our meals ever since.

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“Plenty Mangoes”

Two students just walked into the staff room, reached into their bags and produced about a dozen mangoes each for Harry and I. This happens several times a week, and I will never get tired of it.

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