We’re Finally Cooking!

Posted by on February 1, 2013

As of Thursday last week, Harry and I have finally started coooking for ourselves! The delay has been down to the troubles in getting the local Department of Education to actually deliver the cooking gas bottle they keep promising, but it arrived last week, and we’ve been cooking all of our meals ever since.

Well, almost all of our meals. We did have some help on Sunday when half of the dormitory kitchen staff arrived to help us cook dinner:

You can see below photos of our super-modern stove (complete with a brick holding it up), our sock-insipired pot holders, our plus-sized buckets of flour and rice, and our “2L-bottle-of-water”-based rolling pin.

Of course, we still have no electricity, so most of our evening meals are cooked by torchlight…

Cooking has, overall, gone pretty well so far – we’ve been going more than a week now and we’re both still alive! Harry and I are both trying hard to not be the first one to poison us and/or burn the house down. The only casualty so far has been our spatula, which Harry managed to melt onto our roti pan…

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