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TG#20 – Extreme Ironing (Photo 2)

Taking these photos was both very good fun and quite painful at times!

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Adventure Update #2: I’m On a Boat!

For our adventure, the road from Manaus to Porto Velho is actually a 5-day boat journey. I will add to this post throughout the voyage, and publish it next time I am online.

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Do We Feel Safer Now?

Something that cannot go unnoticed when travelling through Brazil is the police presence. Firstly there are a lot of them, and secondly they are all armed. All of them. I noticed it when I was in Brazil over Easter, and I’m noticing it again now. I’ve discussed it with several volunteers whilst here, and I’ve … Continue reading »

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TG#7 – Planking (Photo 2)

Planking outside the Teatro Amazonas museum and theatre in Manaus, Brazil:

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Adventure Update #1: All Aboard for Porto Velho!

As I write this I am lying in my hammock, listening to the sounds of a busy river port, and feeling overwhelmingly relaxed. The first “chunk” of our holiday has gone exceedingly well

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“The Adventure” (+ Cool Map)

Click here to read all Adventure-related posts At the end of our service as teachers, volunteers in Guyana get roughly five weeks of holiday before we fly back to the UK. Some choose to stay in their projects, some explore more of Guyana, and some decide to travel further afield. Harry and I have decided … Continue reading »

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Easter Holidays – Part 1: Manaus

On Friday morning, the last day of school, Harry and I decided to go and spend the first week of our Easter holiday in Manaus, Brazil. 19 hours later, at 5am on Saturday, we were leaving our apartment in Sand Creek to begin our journey. This is the story of the most spontaneous holiday I … Continue reading »

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