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Bolivian Food Prices

The price of food in Bolivia astounds me. Here are a few examples, with prices converted to GBP, of what I’ve eaten lately: Fried chicken, chips, plantain and a Sprite (similar to a KFC deal) – £2.40 Steak burger with the trimmings – 90p Regular burger with the trimmings – 60p Jelly pudding with whipped … Continue reading »

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TG#43 – Bury Hidden Treasure

The address of this blog was given to the two volunteers who will replace Harry and I in Sand Creek for 2013/14, so I can assume they might see this post at some point. Johnnie & Neal: there is an undisclosed volume of money burried somewhere on the school compound, near to your apartment. The … Continue reading »

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$258.90 = £0.80

Just noticed that petrol is 80p/litre in Guyana 😮

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Good News, Bad News

Good news: today was our first pay day! And just in time too… Harry and I were down to our last few thousand dollars (a few thousand really isn’t much at all, no matter how nice it sounds – it’s about £5). And I know what you’re thinking – we’re volunteers, so why do we … Continue reading »

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A Whole New Type of “Shopping”

Last night Harry and I went for a walk down into the village to buy some peanuts to snack on. We came back with a little more than peanuts…

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