Good News, Bad News

Posted by on November 24, 2012

Good news: today was our first pay day! And just in time too… Harry and I were down to our last few thousand dollars (a few thousand really isn’t much at all, no matter how nice it sounds – it’s about £5). And I know what you’re thinking – we’re volunteers, so why do we have pay days? Well, we still need money to eat! :p

Bad news: after roughly 5-6 years of faithful service, my iPod has finally throw in the towell and given up the ghost! Luckily I have some tracks on my phone (including two very important playlists) so I’m not totally without music, but it is still a little frustrating. I’m hoping to buy a cheap, imitation iPod in Georgetown at Christmas, but failing that I shall just make do with my phone.

If anyone’s thinking of sending me an iPod (well, you never know!), your intention is appreciated but it would never get to me, so it’s probably not worth it!

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