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Well, well, well…

Guyana is also known as “the land of many of waters”… personally, I’m not convinced. The project to drill a well, install pumps and bring running water to the school compound (read this post) has now been scrapped completely after numerous delays. The well that was being worked on intermittently has been abandoned altogether, in … Continue reading »

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Third Time Not So Lucky

The engineers responsible for sorting out a water system have left again, and we STILL don’t have running water. They’ve now turned up in the village three times promising to dig a well and install a pump, and three times they’ve left the village without having done either of those things!

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Fingers Crossed…

I just got back from a meeting I was invited to between the village council and various key people within and Sand Creek. That meeting was arranged to discuss bringing Internet connectivity to the village. I hesitate to get hopes up here, but… The ball is rolling! In typical Guyanese fashion it doesn’t appear to … Continue reading »

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Third Time Lucky

Good news! The engineers/contractors are back for a third attempt at drilling a well, which means we might be getting running water by the time we’re back from our Christmas holidays. If we’re extremely lucky, electricity may follow a few months after that as well! Maybe.

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It’s the Small Things in Life…

This afternoon I was so happy I actually burst into song*… I got back from school to find that for the first time in nearly 3 weeks we have running water! * Actually, singing is nothing new for me out here… I sing in the apartment, in the staff room, in lessons… I’m actually singing … Continue reading »

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