Well, well, well…

Posted by on January 8, 2013

Guyana is also known as “the land of many of waters”… personally, I’m not convinced.

The project to drill a well, install pumps and bring running water to the school compound (read this post) has now been scrapped completely after numerous delays. The well that was being worked on intermittently has been abandoned altogether, in favour of a hand-dug well. Although the new well seems to be going okay so far (touch wood), it means we’re facing at least another month without running water, which in turn means flushing the toilet with buckets and walking to the creek to wash.

-le sigh-

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  1. Tim & Heather

    You need to read about The Great Escape to understand how to properly dig a hold for a tunnel, sorry a well. Shore up the sides with planks taken from the underside of your bunks. Then dispose of the soil by putting it down the legs of your trousers and walking around the school grounds, dispersing it into the sand. Then in no time at all, but will have a well deep enough to reach water, and or start an escape bid. The great water monster will not realise what you are doing until it is too late. Please remember to christen the well either Tom, Dick or Harry.

    • Mark Ormesher

      Aha! You know, I love you guys! Actually, when I was chatting to the engineers about it, I asked them “so, which one is this? Tom, Dick or Harry?”. None of them understood what I was on about, but it made me smile!

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