What Chain of Decisions…

Posted by on December 1, 2012

Every now and then I get hit by the reality of the fact I’m thousands of miles from home, on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I wonder “what chain of decisions lead me to be where I am right now?”.
For instance right now I’m wondering what chain of decisions lead me to be sat on the open back of a pickup truck, streaming through Lethem late at night, on the way to sling our hammocks somewhere (not sure where), with no idea how I’m getting home tomorrow, having got a free flight earlier today, despite this time last week not knowing that Sand Creek even had an airstrip? Whatever that chain was, I’m seriously glad I made those decisions!

(For those worrying about me not knowing how I’m getting home: that’s pretty standard. We rarely know how we’re travelling somewhere until shortly before we actually start moving!)

Update: I’ve managed to get a lift as far as Shulinab – about half way back – and I should be able to pick up another lift from there. I’m currently perched on the back of an old military lorry, amongst its load of 30-odd drums of gasoline, some mattresses, some sacks of flour, an old freezer and various other random items. I’m becoming an expert at traveling on the back of trucks and Jeeps!

Update: had a good chat with an ex-World Teach volunteer on the back of the truck, but sadly couldn’t catch a lift back to Sand Creek tonight. So have just slung my hammock in the benab by Faye’s shop and am chatting to an ex-PTV who’s in Shulinab for a bit. I’ll try again to get a lift tomorrow.

Update: ended up chatting with Gary (the ex-PTV) until the sun came up, so didn’t bother getting any sleep. I’m now on a Jeep getting a lift back to Lethem to meet Ben and Cillian (who I thought were in Shulinab) and Harry.

Update: got to Lethem, met Ben, Cillian and Harry, then pretty much turned around and went back to Sand Creek in the lift Harry had managed to find. Home at last!

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