Christmas Party!

Posted by on December 13, 2012

Today was the students’ Christmas party, which meant time for lots of food, lot of music and plenty of dancing! See below for a load of photos…

The staff “Season’s Social” is tomorrow night at the RDC office (a joint party for all government workers in Sand Creek, so teachers, medics, village council staff, etc), followed by the Christmas concert on Friday afternoon.

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  1. Tim & Heather

    Hello Mark

    Glad you are enjoying teaching – yes, the paperwork IS just as bad in the UK. The presence of a computer just means that more paperwork can be achieved!!

    We hope you have a brilliant time in Tobago and a well-earned rest. We only hope that you receive various Christmas cards before you leave!

    Really excited to hear you have a place at KCL. It is the best college in London (much better than UCL – but don’t mention that to ‘you-know-who)). And I say this from knowledge and experience – being a former student and AKC myself (Heather)!

    All the best Mark – we haven’t forgotten you and think about you regularly. Even Henry sends his love – you are honoured!!

    Love Tim & Heather


      Hi Tim & Heather!

      It’s a shame about the paperwork, but still loving every minute and considering it back home.

      Thank you very much – I was so excited to get my place there, I spent the next week telling everyone who would listen in Sand Creek! (Not sure that they all knew what I was talking about, but ahh well 🙂 ) Am very proud to be in KCL, but I’m aware they’re strong rivals with UCL… let’s just hope you-know-who isn’t reading this!

      Am missing everyone I know back in Kent too… looking forward to seeing you all again! Thank you for your amazing cards… they’re up on my walls in Sand Creek 🙂

      Take care, and I’ll see you all soon 🙂

      Much love, Mark

      PS. Love from Henry? Wonders may never cease! I feel proud 😉