Sponsored Leg Wax Announced

Posted by on January 26, 2012

Fancy seeing me and five school staff members go through a fair bit of pain in the name of charity? Then head over to Ellis House (Woodlands) on Friday 10th February at lunchtime to watch us have our legs waxed in front of a crowd to raise money for Project Trust!


  • Mr Berridge (House Head)
  • Mr Howell (Deputy House Head)
  • Mr Hanley
  • Mr Evans
  • Mr Doherty
  • Mark Ormesher (me)

Be the ‘Waxer’ – Raffle

We’re sure you’ll enjoy coming along to watch the spectacle, but there’s more: enter the raffle for just 50p/ticket and you could be the one stepping up to pull the strips. What better way to say ‘thanks’ to the teacher who gave you detention last week, or the sixth former who keeps pestering you to donate to his cause?

Raffle tickets are just 50p each (or £1.50 for a strip of 5) and can be bought from Me or Tom Beasley around Sixth Form on both sites, or from Ellis house (from Monday 30th onwards).

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