Training in a Few Days!

Posted by on June 28, 2012

As I sit here listening to Serj Tankian, I’m excited. Why? In a couple of days I start my 5-day training course with Project Trust 😀

On Sunday I’ll drive 410 miles to Oban with fellow volunteers Charlotte and Gemma. After an overnight in Oban, all the volunteers for Guyana, Namibia and Rwanda get an early ferry onto the Isle of Coll, where we start 5 days of learning to be a teacher, how to survive overseas and anything else we’re going to need for the [epic!] year ahead of us. After that it’s back to Oban on Friday, and then 410 miles the other way back home on Saturday.

After I’m back I’ll update again with photos and stories of training, and hopefully my new project!

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