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Posted by on November 9, 2012

Sooooooo… I haven’t properly posted anything since I arrived in Sand Creek over 2 months ago – sorry about that, but there’s not a lot of Internet access in the Savannah! Fear not, dear reader, I have not forgotten about you! I’ve been writing a load of blog posts on my phone, just waiting to upload them.

Today I walked/cycled 13 miles to Dadanowa Cattle Ranch to spend the weekend (thank you, Erin, for your awesome hospitality!!). They have WiFi, so here cometh the flood of posts!

Each of the 20 or so posts I uploaded with this one show the date I wrote them, so they’ll be in the right order and make some kind of sense (maybe).

As for pictures… they’re on my camera, and the posts are on my phone. I’m sure you see the problem. I’ll try to add pictures to the posts ASAP, but it may take some time. I figure posts with no pictures are better than no posts at all!

Now that you’ve wasted 5 minutes reading this largely pointless post, go read the bunch I just uploaded!

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