Big Day Today…

Posted by on December 2, 2012

The date is 1st December, 2012 and it’s a Saturday. Today is a big day for 2 different reasons:

– Today is day #100 of my gap year adventure! I’ve been in
Guyana for 98 days, but I’m counting the 2 days travelling as a part of the adventure.
– As there are now 3 full months down, I get a new toothbrush today! Not big news, I know, but it has become something of a running joke between Harry and I after we spent a good 10 minutes discussing what colour brush I should go for. We settled on purple, for several good, well-argued reasons, before concluding that perhaps the sun was finally getting to us and we might possibly be losing it!

Also, it’s apparently the dry season, but it seems no one remembered to tell the sky about that; it’s been raining heavily for the past 6 hours. Still very hot here though!

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