Last Day of Term!

Posted by on March 22, 2013

School closed today for the Easter holidays, and as usual the last day of term was dedicated to a fundraising/events day, including dances, songs, poems, skits, a fashion show (I took part – photos are below!), a donut eating race, horse racing/riding, kite flying, sack racing, lime and spoon racing, table tennis, dominos, an obstacle course race, and more! Photos below…

The obstacle race (the last few photos above) required competitors to run between four stations; at the first we had to eat a donut with our hands behind our backs, at the second eat an icicle (kind of like a freeze-pop from the UK), the third had us blowing out a full bowl of flour, and at the final we had to drink a very hot cup of coffee. I am proud to say that I won the race in the mens category! (Although I did manage to badly burn my tongue, and inhale a lot of flour!)

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