Easter Holidays – Part 2: Rodeo

Posted by on April 3, 2013

So, the second chunk of our Easter break… Lethem Rodeo weekend!

Harry and I arrived in Lethem on Friday evening after our fantastic Brazil trip. We met a hoard of other volunteers at Savannah Inn hotel, where the wonderful Patsy was letting us all sling hammocks for the bargain price of $500/night.

The main rodeo events were on Saturday and Sunday, so Friday evening was spent eating, relaxing and sharing stories of everyone’s middle term (although our spontaneous Manaus trip story stole the show!).

The rodeo, held at the rather impression Lethem Rodeo Ground, included horse racing, wild bull riding, saddle-back bronco riding, bare-back wild bronco riding, ribbon roping (where cowbows have to rope a cow whilst their partner goes after the ribbon on the cows tail), a greasy sheep contest and other entertaining events.

The routine was the same for both days: wake up late, breakfast at Auntie B’s, spend the day at the rodeo, return to the hotel for a quick break, then back to the rodeo for the party in the evening.

We (Rachael, Gemma, Hayley, Tara and I) left Lethem Monday afternoon to go to GT, planning to visit Kaieteur Falls before returning to our project. Keep an eye on the blog for the third and final Easter Update, hopefully with glorious photos of the falls!

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