Traveller’s Guide to Guyana

Posted by on May 29, 2012

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In the months leading up to my departure, a number of my friends contributed to a “to-do list”-style Traveller’s Guide to Guyana; essentially a list of tasks for me to accomplish. Always one to relish a challenge, I’ve posted the list1 below (with a few of my own) and will cross them off as I complete them. Keep an eye on the Traveller’s Guide Category to see a photo post for each one!

The List

  1. Raise £5,100
  2. Go for a ride on a small tricycle taxi
  3. Find a really nice stick and adopt it for a day
  4. Organise a cricket or football game with the students
  5. Find hidden treasure
  6. Fish and chips!
  7. At least 3 planking photos
  8. Make a fishing spear/rod; use it for #9
  9. Catch and cook a (hopefully massive) fish
  10. Build a sandcastle
  11. Build a campfire and cook something with it
  12. Drink a Guyanese beer
  13. Learn a foreign phrase and use it loadsJust now.
  14. Play “I Think I Like It”
  15. Climb a tree and pull the Thorpe Park pose
  16. Wash in a river
  17. Hi-five some aspect of Guyanese wildlife2
  18. Tell someone that the sun made my hair go ginger
  19. Sample some Demerara Rum
  20. At least 3 extreme ironing photos – Photo 1Photo 2
  21. Visit Kaieteur Falls
  22. Eat something bizarre/unpleasant
  23. Ceilidh!
  24. Visit another country
  25. Sleep in a hammock
  26. Fall out of a hammock
  27. Get lost
  28. Join in with something musical
  29. Learn how to make a local dish
  30. Sing
  31. Get involved in a community building project
  32. Teach a lesson with a pineapple
  33. Sleep in a tree
  34. Shoot a bow and arrow
  35. Get burried up to my neck
  36. Hold a chicken in the airFailed Attempt
  37. Arrive at Gatwick with a smiley face on my left leg
  38. Walk to another project
  39. Lime
  40. Gaff
  41. Gangnam Style!3Post #1Post #2Post #3
  42. Grow a ginger beard
  43. Bury hidden treasure

1 I’ve posted the items from the list that are suitable for public display. Most of the items by Jordan and Matt are just wrong
2 Matt wanted me to hi-five an elephant, but South America doesn’t have them anymore
3 This is Gangnam Style

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