Traveller’s Guide to Guyana

Posted by on May 29, 2012

Current Score: 41/43

In the months leading up to my departure, a number of my friends contributed to a “to-do list”-style Traveller’s Guide to Guyana; essentially a list of tasks for me to accomplish. Always one to relish a challenge, I’ve posted the list1 below (with a few of my own) and will cross them off as I complete them. Keep an eye on the Traveller’s Guide Category to see a photo post for each one!

The List

  1. Raise £5,100
  2. Go for a ride on a small tricycle taxi
  3. Find a really nice stick and adopt it for a day
  4. Organise a cricket or football game with the students
  5. Find hidden treasure
  6. Fish and chips!
  7. At least 3 planking photos
  8. Make a fishing spear/rod; use it for #9
  9. Catch and cook a (hopefully massive) fish
  10. Build a sandcastle
  11. Build a campfire and cook something with it
  12. Drink a Guyanese beer
  13. Learn a foreign phrase and use it loadsJust now.
  14. Play “I Think I Like It”
  15. Climb a tree and pull the Thorpe Park pose
  16. Wash in a river
  17. Hi-five some aspect of Guyanese wildlife2
  18. Tell someone that the sun made my hair go ginger
  19. Sample some Demerara Rum
  20. At least 3 extreme ironing photos – Photo 1Photo 2
  21. Visit Kaieteur Falls
  22. Eat something bizarre/unpleasant
  23. Ceilidh!
  24. Visit another country
  25. Sleep in a hammock
  26. Fall out of a hammock
  27. Get lost
  28. Join in with something musical
  29. Learn how to make a local dish
  30. Sing
  31. Get involved in a community building project
  32. Teach a lesson with a pineapple
  33. Sleep in a tree
  34. Shoot a bow and arrow
  35. Get burried up to my neck
  36. Hold a chicken in the airFailed Attempt
  37. Arrive at Gatwick with a smiley face on my left leg
  38. Walk to another project
  39. Lime
  40. Gaff
  41. Gangnam Style!3Post #1Post #2Post #3
  42. Grow a ginger beard
  43. Bury hidden treasure

1 I’ve posted the items from the list that are suitable for public display. Most of the items by Jordan and Matt are just wrong
2 Matt wanted me to hi-five an elephant, but South America doesn’t have them anymore
3 This is Gangnam Style

8 Comments on Traveller’s Guide to Guyana

  1. Shannon Turner

    What happened to the mystery machine….? Lol xxx


      If someone gets me one of those little Mystery Machine sweet thingies, I promise to make it the mascot of the year 😀

  2. Matthew Cooper

    Mark this isn’t as hard as I made it,
    Pretty sure I could turn up and do this in 15 minutes
    Your there for a year you could do at least 40 out of 50 of then


      The charity and probably my host school will end up seeing this… I put on the ones that weren’t going to land me in trouble and weren’t incredibly offensive xD That’s why I’m getting people to add more – I want a decent sized list!

  3. Matthew

    I think you need to pull your finger out mate
    4 out of 41 come on
    miss you btw x <3


      I have completed a load more, but haven’t had any Internet access for the last 5 weeks. Will be updating the blog a load when I get a chance to sit at it for a while – this is just a flying visit.

  4. Andrea Still

    Glad you are having a great time. Thank you for the recent letters to Chatham (they are on the website and were read out in the meeting). Good to read your blog too. You and Jess are an inspiration and we are very proud of you both. Please be assured of our support and prayers. Andrea


      Thank you, Andrea 🙂 It’s great to hear from people back home (I consider Kent my second home!). Looking forward to seeing everybody when I get back as well in 9 months time 🙂