My Project Has Been Cancelled!

Posted by on June 1, 2012

I found out today from Doug (one of my PT desk reps) that my project – St. Ignatius High School in Lethem – has been cancelled! 🙁 The school have employed graduate teachers, so they don’t need volunteers at the moment.

The latest word from PT is that they’re looking for a new project for me:

…we are currently looking for a new placement for you and your partner. We have been offered a number of new placements by the Ministry, so the representative is looking at them all and making sure that she will visit and vet them all as suitable. The places they have suggested are quite exciting and range all across the country, so it should be good…

The new project will definitely be teaching, and I should find out in the next few weeks. As usual I’ll be blogging it as soon as I find out.

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