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Posted by on November 2, 2012

Soooo, general sit-rep on the year so far….

It’s day 71 of the gap year, so tomorrow I’ll be a fifth of the way through – it’s running out fast! We’ve done 9 of the 40 teaching weeks, and so far none of them have been “full” weeks :p For example, today it’s Friday, but I’m watching Sand Creek take part in the Inter-School Sports Contest (we’re winning) instead of teaching maths. Next week could be a full week off – the HM has said that he’s going to close the school until the water system is sorted out, as we’ve had no running water for about 2 weeks now. I can’t see it getting fixed over the weekend, so I CAN see next week being pretty chilled!

Rainy season is supposedly over, but 5 days of the last 8 have included epic storms – rain so heavy it stings if you’re unlucky enough to be caught out in it*, lightning that illuminates everything and thunder that – and I’m not joking – made things move around my desk.

* Which I was. Twice.

I’m looking forward to next being somewhere with “proper” Internet so I can upload some photos… I’ve taken over 800 already!

Last bit of good news: I’ve already started putting together ideas of presents to bring home for everyone! Cooper and Titman in particular have something quite brilliant lined up for them 😉

That’s all for now – keep on emailing me and leaving me comments; your messages of support are all very much appreciated!

Take care, can’t wait to see y’all again! 🙂

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