World Map – It’s Finished!

Posted by on March 22, 2013

It took the best part of 2 months, but it’s done! At 11′ wide and nearly 6′ high, I’m really very pleased with how the map has turned out. It probably could have been done a lot quicker, but I had to take a break when I waited for transport to Lethem to buy more paint, when I had to wait for transport to Lethem again to buy a new marker pen, and when I had to stop working on it for a week during the exam season. Photos below:

I’m sure some people are going to ask me “why have you labelled [Country X] but not [Country Y]”, so I’ll save you the time and answer that question now: there wasn’t enough room to label every country, so I labelled the ones that students will need to know about for their Social Studies course.

For next term (8th April – 5th July) I’ve been given the task of painting the school name in 2-foot-high letters across a 75-foot-wall… a big project, methinks! Keep an eye on the blog for photos and updates.

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