TG#19 – Sample Some Demerera Rum

Posted by on December 3, 2012

As many of my friends will know, I stopped drinking alcohol before I left for my gap year for personal reasons. Since then I have stuck to this decision and intend to continue to do so, so I was reasonably certain this item from the Traveller’s Guide would never be crossed off.

However, I can now (technically) count it as completed! At a recent event in the village my soft drink was spiked with a healthy dose of Demerera rum, which I took a swig from before realising and giving the drink to someone else. So, it was only one mouthful, and it wasn’t intentional, but I have sampled the Demerara rum.

Note: I don’t want anyone worrying about me because someone spiked my drink – some people like to go around and add rum/vodka to everyone’s drink! It will teach me not to forget to smell my drinks before I drink them!

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